About us

YSOO is an independent original design team with a mix of art majors from different universities and different design concepts.We accepts no limit on gender or hair color,definitely will not be the same trend or idea.

Audrey Yi is our current designer and lives right in New York City. She loves to travel and believe that a person's aspiration will inspire them to be brave and chase their dreams. Audrey was born with tinnitus in her ears after LaGuardia Airport experienced severe rainstorms when she was 4 years old. Although it cannot be cured or fully controlled, you can certainly manage it by focusing on the things that bring joy to you and doing what you can to suppress the noise from your outer world.

The Ysoo Promise

To strive to provide the best quality service and products, at all times. We refuse to be the mediocre option.

  • Always Free Shipping

    All orders of $39 or more of eligible items across any product category qualify for free delivery

  • One Of A Kind

    YSOO cannot be duplicated! Stick with the original !

  • Quality Assurance

    Made of SAE 316L stainless steel to prevent allergies

  • 30-Day Trial

    try it out! Keep it if it’s everything you imagined,or send us a note if you were hoping for something else

Uniquely Different

"be yourself and shine"

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